Crab cake

It’s official, I need a long weekend. All week long, my co-workers have driven me so crazy. This is what I put up on my desktop yesterday after all the annoyances:

Yeah, it’s time for a long weekend. We’re going shopping tonight to stock up on food, so we won’t have to leave our house all weekend long. You can bet that this will be in the cart:

I did have a lovely fibery lunch with Jillian today. It’s always fun to see what other people are working on and J has the greatest ideas. I muddle along making swatch after swatch and have a good time, but don’t come up with anything fabulous. J throws the coolest stuff together and it always looks great. She’s my knit design inspiration.

She talked me into buying some new Maggie Jackson yarns (yeah, twist my arm). I left them in the car, but I’ll snap some pictures this weekend. One of them is a cotton/linen blend – very cool. It’s a triple strand yarn that feels a little harsh, but I saw a swatch and it knits up soft. With that blend, it will only get softer as it’s washed and worn.

Saw some new colors of Koigu – gorgeous purples and oranges. I’m also an Interlacements slut. The colors they put together are so amazing. The skein I picked up has purple, pink, orange, and blends of those colors. I am in my glory with all the fabulous oranges I’ve been seeing. You can’t have too many orange yarns – that’s my motto these days. Interlacements has also cut their skeins in half. Instead of spending $40, the skein was only $15.

Now I just want to go home and knit.

In other news, I had this dream last night (don’t you just hate when people start a conversation with this?). I weighed 700 pounds – don’t ask me how I knew the number, it was just in my head. I was a pyramid of fat with my head on top. My hands were sticking out my sides (think Violet Beauregard in Willie Wonka) and my feet were buried under suet. All I could think about was “how am I going to drive to work like this?” I think that means I need to go back to the gym. I’ve been using my allergy attacks as an excuse to “baby” myself. I eat whatever I want and haven’t worked out…well, in a while (months). Time to step up and be the stud that I am and start sweating again. Who’s with me?

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