Study Group Outlines – Woolen

Here’s what I meant to post yesterday:

Spinner’s Flock Woolen Yarn Study Group

Purpose: to spin a “woolen” style yarn with different twists, plies, diameters and to discover correct uses for this type of yarn

Preparation of Fiber

. Beginning with raw fleece � your choice of fleece � you will need 1 pound

. Save a lock of the raw fleece for documentation, if you wish (protect it from future moth damage)

Wash the fleece

. Document how this was done, what soap was used

. Save a lock of the washed fleece for documentation

. Weigh the washed fleece to determine loss from washing

Prepare the fleece for spinning

. Document use of equipment used � cards, pickers and/or drum carder (what kind), pickers (what kind)

Spin up woolen yarns

. as singles and plied yarns

. of varied angles of twist

. of varied diameters (wraps per inch)

. document for each spun sample

o Wheel / spindle used

o Wheel � whorl ratio

o # of twists per inch

o angle of twist

o # of wraps per inch

o # of yards per pound

o # of plies

. each spun yarn sample (singles and plied) should be 5 yards each, but allow for another yard or more to document each samples for twists/inch, angle of twist, wraps per inch.

Make sample swatches from the handspun

. Document for each detailed method of making swatch (knit, crochet, felt, weave, etc)

. Size of equipment used (loom, needles, etc)

Discuss appropriateness for each sample spun as related to type of wool used.

Discuss appropriate end products that can be created from each sample of yarn.

So, where am I in the process? My wool is washed and weighed. By the way Emma, you were right – my merino went from being 1 pound to .58 pound – I lost almost half of the weight in grease. There was some vegetal matter (vm), but not a lot and most of it was big enough that I could just pull it right out. I brought my drum carder into the house from my studio last night and fed the Mr. Clean wool through, just to see what would happen. I think I should probably use a different drum cloth with finer teeth, but this will do nicely. The wool fed through and I got a pretty decent bat out of the practice run. I’m being very anal about keeping notes on everything. It doesn’t feel like homework, it’s been really fun. I’m anxious to get started spinning though. Sassy will be helping me with the carding – that ought to be interesting!

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