Diagonal Scarf

Here it is in all its diagonal glory:

It was so cold on Friday, that I sent Sassy back into the house to get it for me to wear. I’m happy to report that it’s warm and soft – a lovely scarf.

We had the most gorgeous day here yesterday. My niece and nephew were with us the whole day and the kids played outside. It was amazing! They had so much room and so many different things to do that no one had a fit and they all got along. The age range is from 12 down to 6 – unbelievable that they were good all day.

I took Sassy and my niece to the Spinner’s Flock meeting and my niece said “I want you to make me a sweater.” When I asked her what color, she pointed to the multi-colored blue roving I had just bought and said, “Outta that nice blue stuff right there.” I was spinning it up yesterday (who can resist the call of the new) and she came in every couple of minutes to check on my progress. “I can’t wait until I can wear my new sweater!” What a kid.

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