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I’ll bow to the pressure to post and move the link to the magic store down a little. Too much temptation eh?

I am happy to report progress on some of the yarn I took out of the Slip Stitch box. There was some gorgeous Tivoli Santos (100% cotton) in 4 different colors that coordinated beautifully. Sassy has an American Girl doll (Kit – from the Depression era). Kit frequently complains that the blankets she has are too small for her. When I saw this yarn, I immediately thought of a doll blanket. Here it is

I have 2 skeins of the yellow, teal, and red, and 3 skeins of the beige. I figure I’ll just knit until I run out of the colors and call it good. Sassy’s very happy with it.

Had coffee and yarn with Jillian and Henry yesterday. The LYS had called her and told her “The new Bearfoot’s in!!!” We were there when the place opened and there was a line! Here’s what I got:

Apparently, this stuff is worth its weight in gold. They ordered something like 300 skeins, had a waiting list, and were worried that they wouldn’t have any to put on the shelves. I’m happy to report that we left some there. It’s lovely and soft and I can’t wait to have socks from it.

Here’s what else I got yesterday:

It’s the second book from the man who wrote Eyre Affair. So the question is, do I need to finish the book I’m reading right now before I start this one? It’s a bit like getting new yarn to play with when you’re deep in the throes of a big project…

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