So, I’m ready to start my week boss-less. I surf over to Elann this morning…I have $50 to spend – guilt free! Do you think I could find anything? I must have surfed every yarn category, all the needles, and even the tools section! Upshot is, I still have my $50 to spend. Am I nearly this picky when I’m spending real money? It doesn’t seem like it.

Last Thursday, I had tea with Jillian, Isobel, and Henry (man is that kid growing!!). We had a lovely time. Miss Isobel can turn a mean cartwheel, let me tell you. So anyway, J has pulled me out of my reading depression. I’ve been whining for the last couple of months that “nothing is interesting me”. She gave me a large yarn bag full of books with recommendations on which to start with. I must tell you, go read Eyre Affair – right now. Turn off the computer and just read. I started it on Thursday evening and finished it Sunday morning.

I remember as a kid when I’d read, what a revelation it was to read and re-read the same book. It gave me a feeling of power that there were real people acting out the story on a stage in my head. No matter how many times I picked up the book or where I started reading, the actors were ready. This book reminded me of that feeling. The main character, Thursday Next, is a LiteraTec – she investigates crimes against literature. Fictional characters rub shoulders with real characters moving back and forth between the pages of a book and the real world. It’s wickedly funny (I laughed out loud when one of the characters was introduced and his name was Braxton Hicks). Two thumbs way up for this book. I’m dying to get a copy of the second in the series.

Needless to say, not much knitting got done this weekend. I love it when I have a good book to read!

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