Fall Fleece Fair

I really was restrained. Usually in February, I come home with a whole fleece. My friend Nancy didn’t shear her sheep yet this year (it was too cold). So, I guess I don’t have a fleece to play with until the September sale…or I could go when Nan shears the sheep and get it right off the hoof! That might be fun.

So anyway, here’s what I bought for Sassy. She roamed around and came back to me with this:

Her very serious attempts at drop spindling are really charming. I can’t wait until she gets a spindle full and we can make a skein out of it. I’ll have to hide it away so she won’t throw it out. She tends to be a perfectionist and even though she’s a saver, I’m sure she’ll pitch it the first chance she gets.

Here’s what I bought for myself:

It’s a wool/mohair blend. I don’t really like to spin mohair, but the colors pulled me in and I found myself watching this roving from across the room. I had decided that I wasn’t going to buy it – using the rationale that I could get it “next time.” Someone in the waiting to pay line was talking about roving she was buying. “It’s from Moonstruck – you know, Rose. Well, she’s opening a shop in the near future and won’t be dying roving anymore.” I quietly stepped out of line and went back to the table where this lovely stuff was sitting. – and snatched up a ball. Rose has the best color sense I’ve seen in a long time. She’s one of those people who can put colors together in roving that I wouldn’t put together in the same room and it works. It’s really going to be a loss when she stops dying and blending roving.

Lastly, this is my Turkish spindle:

It’s bird’s eye maple. Can I admit that I’m a little afraid to try it out? I know, I should suck it up and give it a spin, but I’m so used to spinning on my little Hatchtown (and loving it) that I don’t want to try anything new right now. My god, I’m turning into my old Nana – I’ll be spinning on it tonight.

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