It’s Official

I put down a deposit today that guarantees this time next year, I’ll be in Antarctica. I’m traveling with my friend Nancy on a 20 day trip that starts in Ushuaia, Argentina. We will be stopping on the Falklands, South Georgia, and the South Shetland Islands as well as Antarctica. We’re going with a group called Elder Treks. They book specialized trips all over the world for the over 50 set. (Nancy got me a special dispensation to travel with them.) Woohoo! I love having a big trip to look forward to. My one problem is saving the $$ needed to pay for the trip and also have spending money. Hmmm, should I go on a yarn diet? Nah, just cut back a little – life’s too short for yarn diets.

Speaking of which, I finally won an eBay auction for some Donegal Tweed yarn. I’ve been bidding on one woman’s auctions for at least 2 months. And because I’m a lazy bidder (I never pay attention to when the auction ends), someone always swoops in at the last minute and steals the yarn from me! This time, I paid attention and I won – someone did try to sneak in the last 2 minutes – but I kicked her auction butt. The yarn is winging it’s way to me right now. I guess I should finish up the Emerald Isle sweater soon.

I’m still gazing longingly at my Koigu for Charlotte’s Web. I’ve been plugging along on Sassy’s stocking – almost finished with the entrelac part. I’m looking forward to doing something besides entrelac. It does get old after a while. At least this puppy will be ready for ChrisTmas – and no guilt!

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