I’m bored

It occurred to me today as I worked my way around my blogroll, that lots of you are bored as well. Bored and cranky – those seem to be the words of the day. Even Little Big-Man’s teacher is sending cranky e-mails out. It’s the usual middle school stuff, “Are you making sure your children are doing their homework? I’m tired of them coming in on Mondays and bragging about how much time they spent on video games over the weekend. Yet, they aren’t turning in their homework assignments.” I think everyone has a big case of cabin fever. Of course, the sub-zero temperatures aren’t making anyone happy either.

In an effort to combat this boredom, today I bought . I think it was AJ who suggested it. As you may remember, I’m coming up short with book suggestions. Nothing is keeping my interest these days. I am in dire straits, because this morning I walked out of the house without my knitting bag. It’s huge and yellow – what made me overlook it? Anyway, I have Sassy’s ballet class to sit through – so I had to get something. I also shelled out for the new issue of one of my favorite magazines, Piecework. I’ve loved this mag since they started publishing it. You just never know what they’re going to feature next.

In other news, I found out last night that my Hub is a closet fascist Republican. I was making fun of Dubya giving his State of the Union speech and Hub got downright defensive and, I hesitate only slightly, bitchy! I knew that he came from that sort of background, but I really thought that I had won him over to our side. Not so much. Oh well, he’ll get over it or he won’t, but it sure will be quiet at my house for the next few days.

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