I completed something!!

Sassy is happy. Turns out, she wanted to know exactly when the stocking was done so she could try it on. I kept telling her, “It’s not a sock. It’s a stocking!”

“I know that mommy! I just want to see if it fits!” Here she is trying it on to see if it fits:

Then I took both hers and Little Big-Man’s stockings down to the washing machine. I think they could use a little more felting than this, but I was tired of standing by the machine.

For some reason, hers looks a little fuzzier than his and his felted a little more firmly than hers. I’m not sure why this is. It could be the dyes, it could be my gauge. Who knows. I’m pretty pleased with them. When Hub looked at them, he said, “The foot looks funny. The leg part is too long and the foot part is too short.” I told him to stuff it.

Here’s one thing I forgot to mention yesterday…

Yup, that’s more Koigu. Would I leave town without finding a place to buy yarn? There’s a very cute shop in Holland, Michigan, called Friends of Wool. Small space, but she has the most gorgeous yarns you’d want. She had Philsopher’s Wool kits, Interlacements, Mountain Colors, Manos, just about anything you’d need – okay want. Took a good look at her Charlotte’s Web shawl. She told me to get going, “It’s not as difficult as it looks.” Plus, her pre-teen grandson was in there helping people. He never got far from the cash register – ringing people up is his favorite thing to do apparently; and he was pretty good at it.

So the green yarn is for me and the other is for Hub. He actually me to knit him a pair of socks. This asking took place about 6 months ago and I’ve waited this long to see if he’s really serious. The last 2 pairs of socks were given away and the 2 sweaters I’ve knit for him languish in the closet. I’m willing to give him another chance – Republican or not.

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