Hey Judy, I just took your picture

It’s picture day here in blog land. Here’s the progress on Sassy’s stocking:

It’s coming along slowly, but nicely. I love entrelac, because you see big chunks of progress as you finish each row of squares.

These are the colors Jillian and I chose for my Charlotte’s Web shawl:

They look juicy to me in the photo. I did write down what the numbers of the colorways were, but I left it at home. (Look, I remembered to bring in the pictures – I can’t be expected to remember everything!) I think the skeins will become balls at some point this weekend. Once Sassy’s stocking is done, this baby is on the needles. Oh, and Amy made a Charlotte button. Isn’t it lovely?

For Amy, here is a picture of my Ashford Charka:

I bought it on eBay about a year ago. Ashford doesn’t make this model anymore and it’s kind of a shame, because it works pretty well. I love the way the book charkas look, but I was always afraid to buy one because they look delicate. Anything that lives at my house has to be butch because of all the abuse we hand out. Even Hub had a go at this one – he just wanted to see if he could make it work.

Lastly, although certainly not least-ly, these are my newest pieces of jewelry:

They came from Kathy of Kitchen Logic fame. Her jewelry site is called Kitsch In Art – but take my word for it, there is no kitsch to be seen in these beauties. She said people were complaining that her jewelry was too expensive. I sent her an e-mail and said, “No way, it’s not too expensive. I have peasant wrists and need a longer bracelet!” She sized these babies up for me and I got them in the mail yesterday. That little hand in the second photo is Sassy wanting a closer look. I said, “Hey! What are you doing?”

“I didn’t know you were taking a picture!”

“What, I’m standing here with the camera pointed at it for my health?”

She giggled. Silly kid.

One thought on “Hey Judy, I just took your picture

  1. hi there

    do you know what ratio your ashford charkha has?

    also i saw a few photos of another spinning wheel you have (traditional). is there any preference you have over one or the other? or any other experiences/insights about the charkha you might have.

    i'm just curious because i am thinking of getting this wheel. i travel quite a bit. i am a little worried if it's straining for the arms… as opposed to a wheel that's driven with your feet.

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