Happy New Year!!

I hope everyone has the happiest and healthiest of new years. At my house, we are breathing a sigh of relief that 2003 – the Year of Surgery – is over. Hub says we are now entering the “10 Year Cycle of Good Health.” I’m lighting a candle.

I got the warm fuzzies from my nieces last night. We were all at my parents’ house for the New Years celebration and 2 of them came in wearing the horrible mohair scarves they got for ChrisTmas. They love the scarves! The oldest one (16 years old)came over to me and asked for the pattern (it came from the ball band). She wants to make the scarves for her friends for next year. I was really pleased with this.

The youngest one (12 years old) is just learning to knit. My sister-in-law (brother’s wife) had given her a teeny, tiny ball of leftover kitchen cotten to knit a bookmark. When I asked why she didn’t get a whole ball (to the tune of $1.29) my sister-in-law replied, “Well, I start her with 20 stitches and she ends up with 39. So, I have to rip it out and make her do it all over again. It just ruins the yarn.” WTF?!

I pulled my niece aside and told her “Next time you come to Auntie Carla’s house, you can have your pick of my yarn. I have lots and you can find something that will be just yours.” I told the kid to hide her little swatch of knitting away and that way “when you get really good, you can take it out and see how much you’ve improved.” This child will be receiving a goodie package with some cool yarn in it next week.

Here’s what I’ve been doing with my time off this week:

That’s Hub holding Little Big Man’s entrelac stocking. I figured if I got started on it now, it’s sure to be done by next ChrisTmas. It’s huge and I think a little judicious fulling will make it shrink to a more manageable filling size as well as tightening up some of the holes (I always get holes with entrelac).

This is what I ordered myself on Christmas day:

It’s an ounce of qiviut from Mountain Shadow Farm in Vermont. It came very quickly and it’s incredibly soft and beautiful. I hope I can do it justice.

Okay, we’re off to see if we missed anything at JoAnne’s on the day after ChrisTmas.

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