Comment Day

So, what’s the etiquette of comment commenting? Is there etiquette? I don’t know, but since you all asked some good questions, I’ll be like All Things Considered on Thursday and “read from your comments.”

Tracy asked “How will you be traveling around Antarctica?” We’ll be flying to Argentina and then boarding a small cruise ship. Small means that there will be 49 passengers total on the ship. The tour guide I spoke with was on this trip last year. She said, “These are not luxury accommodations. These ships were originally used for expeditions. They’re comfortable though – you’ll be well taken care of.” I honestly have to say that I never once thought about going to Antarctica, but when Nancy asked if I wanted to go, I jumped at the chance. I keep telling Hub, “I’d rather be well travelled than have a huge house.”

Both Emma and Lera commented on my bale of aran yarn. Emma wanted to know what I’ll make from it. I don’t have a clue. I do have a pattern for this

It’s the Red Rocks Pullover from Black Water Abbey. I can’t decide if that’s what this yarn will be or not. I think maybe it needs to age a little and then I’ll decide.

Emma also recommended the extra short double point needles for doing fingers on gloves. I was at the Elann website yesterday (just looking) and saw that they’re out of the short Bryspun needles. Oh well, I’ll have to go back soon and see if they’ve restocked.

Amelia and Carolyn recommended a couple of books to combat my boredom. I’ve put Kitchen Confidential, Girl with a Pearl Earring, and The God of Small Things on my wishlist. Jillian recommended a couple of mystery series to me as well – yup, on the list. I finished The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency. What a fun book! I must admit that I was disappointed that Mma Ramotswe decided to marry the mechanic. It’s not that I’m against marriage, I just love to find strong women characters who live alone and enjoy it. Mirror, Mirror by Gregory Maguire is on my bedside table now. I absolutely loved Wicked and this one is shaping up to be a good read.

Janice asked if I had a spinning wheel in addition to my drop spindles. Janice, I’m a little embarrased to admit that I have 2. I’ve been spinning on a single treadle Schact for a couple of years. At Spin-Off, I bought a Journey Wheel. They’re both wonderful and I’d recommend them to anyone. Well worth the money I had to spend.

Big thanks to all of you you made me feel good by commenting on my recent accomplishments. I picked Sassy up from the hockey rink last night and when I told her to put on her hat and mittens, she pulled the pink wonders out of her pockets. I said, “Oh, you’re wearing your new mittens.” “A course – you made ’em for me,” she replied.

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