She’s got the idea

Sophie has good taste. Here she is lounging on the first sleeve of my Emerald Isle sweater.

She seems to find any horizontal, soft surface on which to recline (right in the middle of all the holiday detritus). Then she gets crabby if I shoo her off. Today, I’m letting her stay. The kidlets have gone to Granny and Buster’s house. Hub has gone to see the status of his latest job (he’s a contractor and since the surgery, he’s been unable to work – no lifting). The house is mine and it’s quiet. There’s no shouting or bickering going on. It’s heaven. They’ll be gone until New Year’s Eve – we have 2 whole evenings to act like adults instead of parents!!

Here’s what we did yesterday:

That’s my newphew on the left and Little Big Man on the right. Hub had a bunch of tickets to the Great Lakes Invitational hockey tournament at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit. The tickets were free, but let me tell you – the beer and pizza definitely weren’t! It was a whole afternoon of hockey goodness and it was a lot of fun. Sassy was a little distressed when we told her there were 2 games being played and we were staying for both, but she survived.

I have the whole week off and very little that I HAVE to do. I don’t think I’m getting dressed today. There’s Coke in the fridge and plenty of chocolate. Life is good.

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