Now, I give you…Productive Girl

First, go congratulate Amy on a gorgeous new Knitty! And, hey, how about those fabulous cover models!! I must tell you that I’ve seen this sweater in person and it’s beyond beautiful. As Little Big Man would say, “Now you’re famous and people will ask for your autograph.”

I had an extremely productive weekend. My horrible mohair scarves are now behind me – I finished #3 on Saturday night! It felt so good to be done, I picked up the Emerald Isle Pullover and knit several inches closer to the top of the back. I actually thought that this weekend would be a spinning weekend, but didn’t feel much like spinning anything.


should be on my doorstep this afternoon. So, I’m guessing that I’ll feel like spinning. Hub finally saw the wheel for himself. We were at Nancy’s house on Sunday and I dragged him in to have a look. He was pretty impressed with it and I think he secretly wants to try it out for himself.

My spinning guild asked all the members who went to SOAR to bring a selection of what they learned and what they bought to the meeting in January. Since I have so much stuff, I need to get busy making some sample skeins to bring in. Nancy has been productive indeed and she showed me a skein of everything she bought! Each one was lovelier than the last – I’ll be ready to spin tonight!

Can someone goose UPS into delivering my camera? It’s been over a week and I still don’t have it. Sheesh, it’s only coming from Pennsylvania!

One more question, is it too late to get Christmas stockings knit for my kids? In entrelac?

Still Lucky Girl

I drive over to my salon today to pay my bill (makes me feel a little like a guy with a bar tab). My stylist greeted me at the door with, “Oh, I forgot you were coming back today!” Of course, I feel weird, because my hair never looks like when she styles it (I know, she’s using 2 hands and can stand behind me). Anyway, I have this weird piece of hair that always flips like Mary Tyler Moore’s no matter what I do to it. So, I grab it and say, “What do I do with THIS?” “Don’t you have any gel?” she snorts. “Umm, no. Not a drop in my house and I looked everywhere this morning.”

She scans the shelf with product on it and asks the woman behind the counter, “Don’t we have any of the slicker?” When the receptionist shakes her head, she runs back to her station and grabs her tube. “Here, take this.” When I start to protest, she shoves it in my hands and moves behind the counter, “No, take it.” (I think what is implicit here is that I really needed the slicker.) So I gave her a big tip. How cool is that?

Then I pick up lunch from my 2nd favorite Chinese place and drive to Jillian’s for a grown-up lunch. Damn those kids are the cutest! That Henry could make child-haters want a baby; he’s smiling and baby-talking now. Isobel showed me a couple of different jumps she knows and also how high she can jump. See, she’s paying attention in gymnastics after all!

It was really hard to return to work, so I consoled myself on the Threadbear site. I haven’t actually purchased yarn for the Charlotte’s Web Shawl, but I sure looked at all the colors. In the end, I sent an e-mail to them and asked them to help me pick yarns to go with

this and this I should go home tonight and finish something – just so I feel justified in ordering something else. Wait a minute, I’m not on a yarn diet – am I?

Today I am Lucky Girl

I called my hair salon to see if I could get in for a hair cut. I haven’t had one in about 6 months, so I was kinda shaggy looking. I’m getting ready to go and reach into my briefcase to find my wallet and checkbook and find…nothing. They aren’t there. So I do what everyone does in this situation, I scramble through the rest of my briefcase, check my coat pockets, and desk drawers – nothing. Then I remember I took them out of my briefcase and put them in my knitting basket last evening for Sassy’s ballet class. Knitting basket is at home. With a heavy heart, I call my salon and tell them I don’t have means with which to pay. (here’s the lucky part) They told me to come anyway and I could drop a check by tomorrow. How cool is that?! So, now I’m head swinging, new haircut girl.

So, I’m swinging my head while driving back to the office and wondering if I can scrape up enough change to get a bagel to tide me over until dinner. I park my car (on the bottom level of the parking structure – someone was just pulling out), open up the armrest to see if there’s any change and find…a $5 bill. Can you stand it??? I bought a sandwich for $4.02 (and I had .02 in my coat pocket). I’m thinking I should run out and buy a lottery ticket tonight with my lucky $1.

On a knitting note, I was resisting a certain pattern that it seems everyone is knitting right now. It’s this one

Charlotte’s web from the Koigu people (I’m really a ho for Koigu). I was resisting even though I saw all the lovely yarns and shawls that people are making. I can no longer resist. I must have this pattern. The most gorgeous one I’ve seen is on BoogaJ’s site. (Click on the knitting gallery button – the shawl is the first thumbnail in the third row.) She picked my current favorite color (orange). Go take a look, it’s really lovely. Hmmm, my salon is near the yarn shop I usually go to, maybe I’ll swing by there tomorrow!

The Holidays are Upon Me

I feel a sense of relief now that I haven’t had before. Yesterday was my work holiday party. The woman who organized last year is on her way out this year (her choice) and refused to participate in the holiday party. So, it was my job to pull it together. We just wanted a small lunch-time gathering where we could exchange gifts and eat good food.

A co-worker and I devised a movie trivia quiz that everyone had to play. There was lots of complaining when everyone was trying to figure out the answers (all these high achievers!!). I’m happy to report that everyone got at least 2 questions right (out of 17). The people with the least # right got to pick from the gift pile first. Everyone after that could either pick a gift from the pile or steal something someone else had taken before. There were a couple of hot items (a lava lamp, a set of ornaments, and [for some unknown reason] a giant tin of popcorn). My scarf was well received – it got oohs and aaahs.

I have declined all other Holiday party invitations. We have one wedding to go to (on the 19th) and Christmas Eve dinner at my parents’ house. I suppose I’ll have to show up at my mother-in-law’s house at some point too. We used to switch back and forth between my parents’ house and my mother-in-law’s house for all holidays. The last Christmas Eve dinner I had at my mother-in-law’s was in 1990 (my father-in-law’s last). “Dinner” was sub rolls and deli meat (still in their plastic bags) tossed on the table with jars of mayo and mustard on the side (the knives were sticking up out of the jars). Seriously, she couldn’t even be bothered to try and make it look nice. I looked at my husband over my Chinette plate and said, “This is the last time….” He cut me off with, “Don’t even finish, I know and I agree.” I hate it when he agrees too quickly – then I don’t get to rant and rave.

Does it make me anti-social that I hate holiday gatherings? I’d much rather be sitting in a corner and knitting than trying to be pleasant for 2-3 hours. I want to hibernate. My office-mate and I decided that everyone should have an “opt-out” for December if they want it. Companies would pay their workers for the entire month of December, but not expect them to show up at work. I have received 5 work related invitations for holiday gatherings – each on different days. If they’re paying me to eat and drink and be merry with my co-workers – why not just let me stay home in my bed with the remote and a basket full of yarn? I’d really be much happier and more productive in the long run.

Nothing to see here

I am happy to report that my (soon to be ex) brother-in-law behaved himself at my house on Thursday. He showed up, sat in the living room watching football and golf, ate dinner, and left. There was no screaming and yelling and no ugly scene. The one blemish on the day was when my mother realized that she hadn’t sauteed the onions and celery before adding them to the stuffing, and we could have used more pecan pie. My sister stepped into the dessert breech with a fabulous bourbon bread pudding courtesy of AJ. It was so yummy, there were no leftovers!

Jillian asked if I bought any of that lucious silk yarn I posted last week. Well, no, I didn’t (yet), but I did buy 4 oz of this… I can’t wait to spin this gorgeous stuff. I’ll let you know how it is.

I must report that after complaining I had no shopping done, as of last night I’m 99% finished (I LOVE the internet). Can I whine a little that my 12-year-old son is harder to buy for than my 62-year-old father? The kid has everything he needs and can pretty much buy what he wants (allowance + a grandmother who’s always finding some task for him to do and to pay him for). He’s the only person I have left to buy for. I think I’ll turn him over to Hub and make him do some shopping too.

Here’s what I bought for myself…

I was laying on my couch on Thursday evening (my parents took my kids away and Hub went off to play cards with his brother-in-law) flipping through the channels. You know my travails in finding a suitable digital camera – I flipped onto QVC and there it was. It’s perfect (or it looked perfect on TV). I’m supposed to have it in hand this week (it was shipped on Saturday). I can’t wait!!

The kids have been bugging me to see this…

If you have anyone at your house who wants to see it, I would recommend NOT. I think Mike Myers is hysterical, the first Austin Powers movie had me crying with laughter. This cat is no Austin Powers. There was so much toilet humor in this movie, I was nauseous. It bears so little resemblance to my beloved Dr. Seuss version that I wanted to throw my popcorn at the screen. On the flip side, my children thought it was hysterical. So much for good upbringing.