It’s a Holiday Funk

It’s official – I hate everything. When I’m at work, I hate work and want to go home. When I’m at home, I hate home and want to go to work. What’s up with that? I keep thinking that as soon as I “get some time off,” I’ll feel better. Unfortunately, I still have another week to go. At least I have an interesting project to do here at work. We’re beta testing a new coding manual (you know, seeing it written down makes it a lot less exciting than I thought). Anyway, it’s something different – so that’s good.

On the knitting front, I have finished the back of the Emerald Isle Pullover. I went home last night and just knit. I also started the front, but I’m only about 3 rows into it…there was only one episode of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit on USA last night. This is my prime knitting show, because Hub won’t watch it and I won’t let the kids watch it. So, I go into the bedroom, close the door, turn on the heated mattress pad, and spread out the knitting. Okay, I’ll admit, I usually have a nosh too – but something that won’t leave crumbs in the bed!

Tomorrow is my spinning guild’s holiday party. It’s usually a pretty good time with everyone bringing good food and a gift to exchange. The gift is supposed to be fiber related and cost under $5.00. While some people do manage to find a fiber related gift for under $5.00 – most go over the limit. I always bring some fiber that I’ve enjoyed spinning to give away. It’s hard to put a price tag on that because more often than not, I’ve had it for a while and have no idea how much I spent on it! Anyway, I slip it into a Christmas bag with a candle and some hot chocolate and call it a “Spinner’s Survival Kit.”

The digital camera I ordered on Thanksgiving still isn’t here! I called QVC yesterday to complain and the woman said, “I’m so sorry. I’ll ship another one out today, priority. It’s so close to the holidays – I hope you haven’t been inconvenienced.” Gotta love their customer service. I should have it today or Monday (fingers crossed).

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