Is it tempting fate…

to tell the surgeon who just operated on your husband that he didn’t take long enough? I didn’t even have time to finish my Coke in the waiting room before Dr. Speed came out to talk to me. Apparently, hernia fixation is routine and never takes very long (about the time it takes to patch a tire). Not a surgeon’s favorite thing to do because it’s not complicated enough. Hub is home and fine. He refused to take more than 1 Vicodin and is living off ice packs and Motrin. Thanks for all your good thoughts.

So, here’s what I did yesterday,

+ =

I stopped last evening because it looked like it was getting too long and I didn’t have Sassy’s hand to measure it against. I checked it this morning, and it’s perfect, I’ll be starting the decreases during lunch today. Pink Koigu curtesy of Jillian’s Yarn Palace.

Here’s even more good news – J made me check out Travelocity and we can fly to Jersey for $141 on Spirit Airlines! That’s about equal to gas $$ and a hotel for an overnight stay if we drove (not to mention food and drink). How good can life get?

Did I mention that we’re having ChrisTmas dinner at my mother-in-law’s house on Sunday? Apparently it can’t get any better.

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