Holiday Blogworld Thanks

I want to thank a few people out in Blogworld today:

Thanks to Tracy for talking me out of trying to knit Entrelac stockings for my children this ChrisTmas. I actually had the yarn months ago, but kept putting it off. Not long ago I asked if it was too late (hoping someone would tell me it was) and SweaterGirl came through for me. So, maybe they’ll get them next year, but I’ll start before November (I promise).

Thanks to Jillian for giving me a yarn crawl to look forward to in January. And also for giving me the heads up on the new Spring knitting books. It’s so nice to know what’s coming down the pike. She’s a good friend (virtual and real).

Thanks to Mac who makes me laugh out loud at least once a day. And then makes my co-workers laugh out loud too.

Thanks to AJ who brings a unique view of motherhood and nurturing and makes me think about how I relate to my own children. You rock my friend!

I hope everyone has a safe and restful holiday season.

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