Here it is:

I did give you the run down last week, but I can take you through it again if you’d like. Starting at the big brown bag of fleece and moving clock wise…the big brown bag is from Rovings (in Canada) and is an entire Polworth fleece (500 gm). Right next to it is some of their hoggett top dyed in Landscape. Nancy bought some of their hoggett top too and that’s the purple and red ball next to the Landscape (I don’t remember the name of her colorway).

Next is the special SOAR roving from Carolina Homespun. Morgaine had 2 blends made, the bluer one is Lady of the Lake and the more rectangular shaped one is Shanty Creek 2003. These blends are so gorgeous and they don’t show up well in the photo. There are slubs of color and texture througout both of them. I can’t decide if they’ll be socks, or a really nice scarf. Maybe I’ll spin them first and then decide.

I already told you about the crochet bag (which is a hit everywhere I take it), so I’ll move on to the 3 skeins just above the bag. These came from a booth that had a very small sign and of course, I don’t remember the name of the place now. She had the most lovely colors and I kept visiting the blue skein all week. I bought these on Saturday afternoon – there’s Moody Blues, Brick and Forest and they’re 50% Merino and 50% silk.

Next is 2 balls of cinnamon alpaca roving from Luxury Natural Fibers in Ohio. Nancy bought a wonderful blend from her of angora/silk/merino (I think). Anyway, she spent the afternoon plucking angora off her face because it was so soft, she kept rubbing it on her cheek. Propped up on the alpaca is a 5″ set of Bryspun needles in size 3. Below the needles is several ounces of 50% silk and 50% rayon. It was on sale and I couldn’t resist. I have no idea what I’ll do with it, but it sure is soft and shiny.

Next is a cluster of balls of roving from Never Enough Color (Deb Menz’s booth). I know they don’t look like they go together, but with the brown Polworth, I’ll be knitting up the Nut Border Cardigan, Sasha Kagan’s sweater featured in the latest Interweave Knits. I fell in love with the sweater (great shaping) and thought, “I can spin the yarn for this.” It will be my first spinning to knit project, ever. I’ve been spinning some samples and I’ll let you know how it goes.

Last, but not least, is a skein of orange-y roving from Bonkers. Nancy sent me over to pick something up for her and I fell in love with this color. I tried to guilt Nancy into paying for it with the logic that I wouldn’t have bought it if I hadn’t had to pick up her package, but no deal.

The only thing not pictured here (because I couldn’t find them when I snapped the pic) are the silk packets from Treenway Silks. I’ll try and dig them up to show you. They’re so gorgeous I don’t know if they’ll ever be coming out of the packages – I may keep them just to look at them.

Here’s one other purchase:

This is my new spinning chair from Winsome Timbers. The back rest hits me perfectly and I can spin for a long time without getting a back ache. Your mileage may vary, but I love this chair!

Has anyone seen a more beautiful face than this?

She saw me arranging my booty and then taking pictures. Because she’s a ham, she jumped in and said, “Take one of me too mommy!”

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