Go get one

Here’s the skinny on my new toy, Gabrielle. Go to Smart Bargains and type “Cool-iCam 3-in-1 Digital Pocket Cam” into their search engine. You, too, can have a lovely new (cheap) toy. We’ll all commiserate if it’s junk.

I tripped into my LYS on Friday and decided to buy some yarn for scarves for my 3 nieces. I bought some mohair yarn that had a free pattern on the ball band. The pattern is simple, something like, knit a couple, do a triple decrease, throw in a few yarn overs. Row 2 is all knit. It’s only over 30 stitches for god’s sake! Do you know that for every 4 rows I do, I have to rip out 2? I’m a competent knitter, I can do cables and fair isle. WTF? Is it because it’s mohair? (I hate mohair with the passion some people reserve for political figures.) I finished 1 and I’m halfway through 1 – I may never get to number 3!

I have been spinning up a storm on my little Hatchtown spindle. It’s so much fun. I used to shake my head when hand spindlers would say to me, “Oh, it’s slower by the hour, but faster by the week.” I can take this little gem everywhere and I’m actually getting better at it. Something should be going well in my world.

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