Crabby Tuesday

First, I have to report that the Cool-iCam 3-in-1 Digital Pocket Cam from Smart Bargains is a bust. I know, I know, “you get what you pay for.” Am I an optimist if I continue to hope that just once this adage is wrong? It was at my house on Friday when I got home from work so I tore into the box and whipped out the camera. I tried to take a couple of pictures and (because there’s no flash) my subjects had to be right under the lights. Once I did get a couple of shots and downloaded them to the computer they were so grainy I could barely tell who they were. Wah. It’s on its way back to Smart Bargains even as we speak. Time to shop for a real digital camera.

Had coffee with Jillian on Friday. She helped me pick out yarn for an office gift exchange scarf. One skein of mohair and 2 balls of Trendsetter Eyelash (I think). She promised I’d have it done on Friday night (I took it as a challenge). I did finish it early Saturday morning and it looks pretty cool. Sassy thinks it’s the bomb and wants it for herself. I promised her that she’d have a scarf out of Splash next week. I can’t show a picture, because then it wouldn’t be a surprise for my co-workers. I’ll get a picture next Tuesday showing the lucky recipient.

Good news on the painting front – my Louisiana room is gorgeous! I love the deep red color I picked. It makes the room very warm and cozy. The one thing I have left to do is clean up my desk. For some reason, everyone in my family thinks that if they pick something up and don’t know where it belongs, they can drop it on my desk. So, the room looks lovely, but I have some major organization to do before Thursday.

One more thing, I need a bit of advice. Hypothetically speaking (ahem), how would you handle this situation: a man (say, your brother-in-law) who tells his wife (say, your sister) that he needs some space and leaves their home for an indefinite period of time. When his mother tells him that he isn’t welcome in her home for an upcoming holiday, he calls his wife and asks if he can come to her family’s gathering instead. Say this gathering is at your home and say you never really liked this man in the first place, but it’s your sister asking…

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