It occurred to me after I posted yesterday that I had forgotten yet another thing I bought (sort of) at SOAR. Since I was spinning up a storm on my handspindle, I decided I needed wanted another one. Here’s a picture of the kind I got:

These are Bosworth spindles and since I wanted a heavy one, I got the largest size (on the bottom right). They didn’t have any more at the show, so Sheila was going to go back and see what they had in the heavy weight and let me know. She sent me an e-mail telling me what they had and when I picked one, she sent it in the afternoon mail. I love a merchant who trusts that you’ll do what you say you will. So, I’ve been spinning on my Hatchtown and plying on my Bosworth. What a lucky girl I am.

Okay, anyone else official freaking out that ChrisTmas (that’s for you Jillian) is only 43 days away? Here’s my problem, I’m one of those freaks that shops for the holiday throughout the year. When one of my kids says, “Hey, mom, isn’t this cool?” I make a mental note and go back and pick it up a couple of days later. This works really well for me because it spreads the cost of the whole thing out and I usually have a couple of gifts that I’ve forgotten about until I check the closet.

Guess how many gifts I have in the closet…two (2) – that’s it, just 2. Here’s who I have to buy for:





brother’s 3 girls

sister’s boy and girl

hub’s 2 nephews and niece

Little big-man (already bought 1 gift)

Sassy (also comes in at 1 gift)

Hub has taken care of himself as he bought a boat earlier this year and just yesterday came home with one of these:

He won’t tell me how much it cost, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out. Kind of put the whole Journey Wheel thing in perspective for me. Men are such freaks.

So anyway – I have lots of shopping to do and I really don’t want to do it. Anyone want to be my personal shopper?

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