2 down, one to go

I have 2 of the horrible mohair scarves for my nieces finished. The thing is, they’re really not that horrible. They are a perfect length – I like scarves to be shorter than most people do because I hate having a lot of extra bulk around my neck. So these little beauties are perfect for going around your neck once and leaving an end in the front and an end in the back. The lace pattern is lovely and the mohair has bloomed so the scarves look all hazy. A couple of book stores gift certificates and I’m done shopping for them.

I’ve stalled on my Emerald Isle pullover. The pattern is a little complex, so I have to pay a lot of attention while knitting and I haven’t been able to sit and concentrate on anything lately. On the other hand, my little weavette is getting a lot of use. Those little squares are mindless and they pile up very fast (come Amy, you know you want one…).

Is it the normal scheme of things that once you change something in a room, you want to change everything else too? I notice last night that the light fixture in the Louisiana room isn’t bright enough (it’s like the dark paint is sucking up all the light). So I convinced the Hub that we needed to go pick out new light fixtures. We went in to get a chandelier-type thing to hang in the Louisiana room and both liked this:

I love it when we agree on one thing. So while we’re looking around, Hub spies this:

and wants not 1 but 2 of them for the living room. I said, “It looks like a street lamp.” “Yeah,” he replies, “isn’t it great?” So, we came home with 2 of those as well. At least my dad has a project for tonight to keep him busy and out of the kitchen.

On the brother-in-law front, no news. Hub is hoping that he’ll be too embarrassed to show up, but I think this man has never been embarrassed in his life (he’s a little stupid that way) and he’ll show up no matter what. I feel like I have to let him come, only for my sister. I’m waiting for her to wake up from this 12-year dream she’s been in and realize that she’s the only one working in the marriage. It created quite a rift between us when she married him (because I told her he was an idiot then) so I don’t want to contribute to any more animosity. Her happiness is more important to me than one uncomfortable holiday. Hub and I decided last night that at least it won’t be boring and we’ll likely come out of it with some good stories. In other holiday news, my brother’s in-laws will be at my tiny house as well. (17 people in 1200 square feet!) I’ll keep you posted.

Hey Emma, you can come and have coffee and yarn with Jillian and me anytime. Just bring some nice clotted cream and scones, please.

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