What’s that gopher song from Caddyshack?

I know when the boss comes off call he’s manic. I took 2-1/2 days off because I figured he’d be so busy catching up with other things that he wouldn’t even miss me. I was wrong. Did he notice that I was here everyday he was on call – sometimes early – sometimes late?!? No, he informed me that “I went over to that office and it was like a desert.” Oh, the guilt.

I did manage to make a list and (are you ready?) it’s only 46 items long. Stop that! Forty-six isn’t really that many – is it? Being a geek, I input them into Access. The database will tell me something about the project, who it’s for and where I’ve stored it as well as having a priority assignment. I’ll be putting up a page where I list them – just to keep myself honest (and Jillian entertained).

I’ve been knitting on my newest sweater – the Aran from Black Water Abbey. I was at Sassy’s ballet class last night when I realized that I had mis-crossed a cable about 5 rows down. I briefly considered leaving it (it’s on the back of the sweater, it’s pretty close to the bottom). In the end, I took a deep breath and just dropped those 9 stitches and re-knit them back up. It was a struggle (I’m not kidding, I was sweating when I was finished), but it’s fixed and I’m happy with it.

I also have recruited a new sock knitter. She’s the mom of on of my son’s field hockey teammates. She saw me last spring knitting socks on the side lines and asked if I could teach her. It was a dream session. She already knits, just needed a small refresher lesson and she took off. She’s flying to England next week and wants to knit on the way.

Fiber lunch with Jillian tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it (yummy chicken salad and yarn – what more could I ask for?). I have a ton of her aran pattern books and her Twists and Turns newsletters to return. I’ve had them forever and it’s time to fish or cut bait. I’m looking forward to swatching some patterns and creating my own masterpiece (!). I think the Jamieson’s yarn I bought will be swatched and turned into hats or pillows or something (uh oh – that’s another row in my projects database).

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