Koigu Rocks!

If you noticed yesterday, I said I had 46 items on my projects list – but only ended up with 44 on my Projects Bog. One thing that fell off the list before I could post was my newest pair of socks. The blue Koigu ones, remember this abomination?

It is no more. I think I knit these socks 2 times apiece. For some reason, I wasn’t getting the feel of the yarn right. I’ve been using my same vanilla sock pattern that fits my foot perfectly for years. Usually, I use a wool/acrylic blend, cause I’m lazy and hate to hand wash anything. The colors of Koigu are so beautiful that I was tempted everytime I went into the yarn shop – the sock yarns are right up front.

So, anyway, my vanilla sock pattern wasn’t working. I think it has to do with Koigu’s stretching properties. It’s wonderfully elastic, so my normal number of stitches was way too many. So, I knit and ripped and refigured and came up with a pretty handsome pair of socks (I’d snap a picture, but the digital camera is in someone else’s pocket). The upshot of all this is, I have now worked out my vanilla sock pattern for Koigu and will happily knit socks of this stuff for years to come. It’s been a little chilly these last couple of Michigan mornings – and I’m the last one out of Birkenstocks for winter. My feet are toasty warm and they make me happy everytime I look down at them.

So the other project I didn’t list was the kilo of yarn I bought in Portugal. I was in the “studio” making my list and checking it twice, and the kilo was in the house. I about tripped on it this morning and realized that it hadn’t made it to the actual paper list (only the one in my head). The list (for today) is complete. I did find a bunch of yarn that I can live without (mostly odd balls, but some in sweater or vest quantities). I’m trying to decide if I want to hassle with eBay or just list everything out on the KnitSwap list.

On a side note, does anyone know what the hell “ftp” is? I created a new blog for the projects, but would really love to link it directly to this one. I can’t figure out Blogger’s helpful instructions on how to log in and link so that the ads won’t show up over there. Here’s my problem, I’m enough of a geek to figure out some things. The problem is, when I’m in over my head, my face goes slack and drool appears in the corners of my mouth. I’m trying to wade through stuff on the internet, but really have no idea what I’m doing. If anyone can point to a dummies page or book, I’d be very appreciative. (While we’re on the subject, what is RSS and do I need to look into that too?)

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