It’s the End of the World and We Know It

I think I’ve decided to take stock of my projects and stash. I was thinking I should know what stuff I have before buying a bunch more at SOAR (only 2 more weeks!). It’s a full weekend, however. My mother is coming on Saturday and helping me refinish a dresser I bought a month ago. What do I need another dresser for? I confess, it’s for all the scrapbook material I’ve accumulated. See? I need to be more organized and know what I have and where it is. For instance, my mother-in-law asked me the other day, “Remember that Philosopher’s Wool Kit I bought for you last year [for my birthday]? Are you ever going to knit that sweater?” Of course I remember it (sort-of) and yes, I’ll knit it (someday).

So, I’m announcing it here, October 18 and 19, organization weekend at my house. I’ll make a list of all the projects I have bought with a specific idea in mind – yarn, fiber, and (gulp) beads. Then I’ll have to prioritize them in some way – anyone have any ideas?

Having said all that, did I show you what I bought last weekend? Sassy had a 3-hour birthday party in Ann Arbor and it’s not really time effective for me to drive home and then come back to get her. Soooo, I tripped over to a local yarn shop that I don’t get to visit very often (it’s not “on my way” to anywhere). Here’s what I picked up:

This from the Himalaya Yarn Company. They recycle old saris and create yarn from them. I really love the idea of that yarn, but the colors are so jumbled, I have a hard time picturing anything made from it. This yarn is 60% wool, 40% recycled silk. I don’t know how well the colors show up on the screen, but the wool really unifies the silk. It’s a crazy mix of colors that are all brought together beautifully. It’s also much cheaper than the 100% recycled silk ($9.50 US for 100 gm/160 m).

I also bought this pattern pamphlet.

Sassy really likes the Boxy Silk Window Bag (bottom right), so I think the purple will become yet another bag in the child’s room. I guess that’s another line on my priority list!

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