I’m in for a loooooong week

But I want to be thankful for last week (and of course, the weekend). Had a fibery lunch with Jillian and Henry on Friday. Even though I’m leaving next Sunday for SOAR, I knew that I’d be buying something. I ended up with some Cascade 220 for a Xmas stocking for Little Big-Man. My children aren’t aware of it yet that they’ll have hand knit stockings for Santa to drop goodies in this year. [On a side note, on the way to riding lessons yesterday, Sassy asked the “Santa Claus” question. I nearly cried – and it surprised me. For some reason, it’s so much more fun when they still believe. You get to surprise them and they don’t even know it’s you. I think I headed it off this time, but it won’t be much longer.]

Anyway, J brought me a lovely present, inside a Girls Who Knit coffee mug was this:

And inside this tiny tin was this:

They are absolutely the most adorable things in the world! The tin is here on my desk and is exactly the right size to pick up and play with. I’ll have to take it home to put in my tools box. Big smooches out to Jillian!!

I did work on my project list this weekend. One sleeve and side seam are done on the Cashmerino cardigan. I’d kind of like to wear this at SOAR next week, so I must attach the other sleeve and do the button bands. I also spent many hours fixing problems on the Emerald Isle sweater. I forgot to measure and was supposed to decrease some stitches. Do you know what it looks like when you ladder down and do decreases? Yup – the dog’s breakfast. Had to rip out about 8 rows and re-knit them, but I’m back where I started and should make progress this week.

One more thing on my plate – the Fall Festival. My kids go to a school with such diversity that there are many parents who object to Halloween – fine, call it the Fall Festival, have the kids play games, wear costumes, and eat candy. Halloween is Halloween, no matter what you call it. Sassy decided that she wanted to be a rock star. She has this shiny-pink glam wig she wants to wear, so she created a costume around it. We bought fabric yesterday for a pair of pants and beads to embellish the pants and a shirt. She’s also planning on making a “fake” guitar. (She insists on saying “fake” everytime – I love how an 8-year-old believes she can fashion a real guitar out of what we have around the house and so has to specify “fake.”) How long can it take to whip up a pair of pants? That’s what I’ll be doing tonight – wish me luck with my cranky 26-year-old sewing machine.

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