I’m whining this morning. I can’t seem to concentrate on anything. When I’m at home, I veg in front of the TV (not even knitting!) and when I’m at work, I veg in front of the computer screen. I’m messing around with my allergy medications right now and the change is making me sleepy and cranky at the same time (not a good combination – ask my family).

Here’s one bright spot in my week. I managed to get over to the yarn shop and buy this:

It’s a bit pricey ($29.95 US or 43.95 Can), but I’m convinced there are at least 4 sweaters that I want out of this book. It has everything from socks and hats, to vanilla-ish sweaters, to complicated patterns. At the very least, go have a look at the Green Mountain Spinnery website. Better yet, go to a shop and see it. They don’t have any pictures of the sweaters inside on the site – just the book.

My Cashmerino Cardigan went to Portugal and back again. It’s not finished. All the pieces are done, the shoulder seams done, and the sleeves are just hanging around. I should get them all attached before I lose a piece (it’s happened). Then I just need to do the bands and put on those cool buttons.

I picked up the swatches for this last night. I think I’m getting gauge, but it’s hard to tell over the cable bumps. Should I wash and block the swatch and measure again? I’m supposed to have 23 stitches over the cable pattern that’s on the sleeve – I think I’m pretty close.

My spinning guild is having a roving exchange this weekend. This is the first one I’ve participated in. They did it a couple of years ago and someone brought in a fugly shawl that he made from the roving. Everyone else oohed and aahed over it and I thought, “Eeeew, I can come up with something more attractive than that.” So, I’m tossing my hat in, we’re supposed to bring 30-1 oz bags of roving. I’m thinking of one of those cuff-to-cuff, fair-isle sweaters with some unifying roving thrown in. Or maybe I’ll spin up all the roving and over-dye. Look out Jillian – I’m getting out the dye pots!

One more thing, today’s my birthday. Here’s what I want…

Except that I prefer white cake with white frosting, please.

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