What a Day

At least I got out of the office on this gorgeous September day. I met Jillian and Henry at our favorite chicken salad place. Of course we had to go over to Knit Around Yarn Shop and peek at the new fall yarns. Gorgeous! Fall is my favorite season, soon I’ll be wearing turtlenecks, smelling burning leaves, and eating pumpkin pie. Looking at the new colors and yarns is really the way to kick the season off. I bought some pumpkin colored Koigu for socks and some Vittadini Nadia (alpaca and wool) in reds and browns – scarf? I also bought these:

Isn’t it beautiful? I think I pulled out a dozen different buttons and was leaning toward this one when J pointed and said, “That one.” Decision made. She asked if I was going to be sewing the pieces together on the plane to Portugal. My answer is maybe. The right front is almost done. I think I’ll stitch that and the one sleeve and and take the whole thing with me. It will probably be too hot for it, but I’ll be stylin’.

By the way, Mr. Henry is the best baby in the world. He was sleeping and contented when he got out of the car and slept peacefully throughout lunch and the trip to the yarn shop. I didn’t get close enough to smell his baby smell – way too dangerous. Next time, I’ll wake him up and cuddle him. I love other people’s babies!

One last bit of news, 15 years ago today, I married this…

That’s my hub in all his glory (scratching while watching fishing on the Outdoor Life Network). Has it been a long 15 years – you bet. Would I do it all again – in a New York minute.

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