Pictures Galore

At Amy’s request, here’s a picture of my Sassy in her Tasha Tudor Shawl.

Notice the purple overall shorts she’s wearing and what you can’t see is the hot pink shirt. This kid is the biggest girlie girl I know (but only because she’s older than Jillian’s Isobel). This was the child, who at the age of 3 informed me that navy blue was a “boy’s color” and she would not wear it. She’s thrilled with this…

That is the stash I picked up from Mind’s Eye Yarns. Both of the purple yarns are for Sassy and she held up the Splash to her face for a very long time. I’m eyeing that merino/silk blend and wondering how bad I can let the sleep deprivation get (I’ll just spin for another 1/2 hour…)

When I got home from work on Monday, my box from Woolcott was on the table. My husband didn’t bat an eye, just said “Box for you.” Here’s what was inside…

There’s too much going on in my life right now to have to work – it’s not fair.

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