Knitting my fingers to the bone

I did very little this weekend. Saturday was a whirlwind for me (between hockey and ballet, there’s no time for anything else).

Yesterday, I shipped my husband and son off to fish for salmon. Sassy and I had the whole day to ourselves. I knit. I have the back and one sleeve for my new cardigan finished. I started the right front. It’s moving along quite nicely. I really like this yarn and am actually considering buying more of it in a different color – her fall colors are lovely.

I have 4.5 days to pack my bags for a week in Lisbon, Portugal. There’s a work conference that will take up Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I told hub that he’s to spend this time finding cool things to show me. We’ll have all day Thursday and Friday to wander. Any one have any suggestions? I hear that Portugal is incredibly gorgeous and the natives are fabulous. Any and all tips are welcome.

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