Bathroom Reading

I work in a building where we share floor space with another department of the University (budget and planning). This means that we share 2 bathrooms with them. When we first got here (late October 2002), I thought it was weird that there was always reading material in the bathroom. At my house, there’s always a large selection of reading material, catalogs, fly tying and knitting magazines, Tom Clancy books, etc. This is a business – it just seemed weird. One day, I came upon a magazine I’d never seen before called Belle Armoire. What a cool magazine! Whatever appears in the magazine has to be wearable. There’s everything from beaded pins to silk screened dusters. If you haven’t seen it – go get a copy. I guarantee that you’ll be spending money (I did – on beads and lengths of silk).

I’m bored today, so I’ve been surfing. If you haven’t clicked the Creative Chicks webring to the left, please do. The next site over is Carvegirl. This woman has some amazingly cool stuff. She was doing a show last weekend and I was very disappointed that she’s on the east coast and too far for me to visit. She may not knit, but she rocks as an artist!

Okay, must look busy…

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