When is sick enough?

How do you make the call to head to the Emergency Department or wait for your doctor’s office to open? My husband, for instance, had his appendix burst on a Sunday, went to work on Monday, saw the doctor Monday afternoon, and went back to work on Tuesday. All before going to the hospital to have surgery.

I have a friend who got stung by a bee and drove to his house (right past the hospital) because that’s where his Epi-pen was. His wife was in the basement when he got out of the car and could hear him wheezing from there.

I just came back from the ED because my throat hurt this morning and I thought it was swelling shut. The “answer woman” at my doctor’s office only has voice mail, so I decided not to wait on her call back. I must say that if you have to go to the ED, it’s good to wear your hospital ID badge and just keep saying your boss’ name over and over. I got pretty good service and was out in about 3 hours. (That includes a blood draw too. By the way, tell Jason he’s a hack and he should back out of the room and get someone else.)

So, more drugs for me. This means that my head feels stuffed full of cotton and I can’t think straight. I have managed to finish a whole repeat of the cable for my new sweater. I meant to bring it in and scan it, but forgot in all the drama.

I’ve been re-working the golden lotus socks too. I will say that it’s been a pleasure to work with Koigu. It feels nice and rips out beautifully. I have a feeling that these socks will hold up for a long time. I can’t wait to get this pair done, I have enough Koigu to make 2 more pairs. Bring on winter!

Last Thursday, I met up with a bunch of neighborhood knitters at Espresso Royale. It was such a good time. I showed Jillian the colors I had chosen for the edge treatment for Sassy’s Tasha Tudor shawl. After a lot of searching, I chose some Jaegar baby merino, one ball of pink and one ball of lavender to work together. It looked like a clown had vomited cotton candy.

The baby merino was too smooth compared to the Noro and the colors were too much of a contrast. Back to the yarn shop. I was going to go with either one of the colors and just live with the smooth vs. fuzzy look. Then I saw some Manos. It’s a beautiful mauve color that doesn’t exactly match the colors in the Kureyon, but it’s very close and the fuzz factor is perfect. Sassy loves it and checks my progress every day. I’m hoping to have it done this weekend.

Here’s my pledge (Jillian – it’s written down) I will take apart the Kimono this weekend and re-seam it. I want to get it off my plate now. That way, I can start the new cable sweater with a clear conscience – almost.

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