To Do List

One thing already crossed off my weekend list. Sassy’s shawl was finished about 10:00 pm last night. I left it on her pillow to be discovered this morning. She came out all warm and sleepy with it wrapped around her. She’s a very happy kidlet today.

I started swatching the Cashemerino this morning. It’s like butah. I was thinking aloud yesterday that it might be nice to whip out a plain vanilla cardigan on the Sweater Machine. Jillian thinks the yarn is too fine (sport weight). Then I got a little discouraged thinking about how long a big, plain sweater would take me. This morning while I was swatching, I thought, “I’m so glad this yarn is too small for the machine. It’s going to be dreamy to knit this.” That’s why I’m a fiber junkie!

Here’s the swatch for my Black Water Abbey sweater.

At first, I didn’t like the cable. It sort of meanders around – once I finished 1 repeat, I liked the meandering. Should be a cool sweater. The other swatch is an ocean of seed stitch. I love the way seed stitch looks – just hate knitting lots of it. I always end up with small patches where I screw up the placement of the knits and purls.

I’m also thinking of adding to my Weekend To Do List. I’ve been watching Pioneer Melissa repaint her house like a demon for the last couple of weeks. My living room sorely needs to be repainted and I’d love to redo the Louisiana Room too. (The Louisiana Room started it’s life as a Florida Room with heat. Since it was a little warmer than a Florida Room, we dubbed it the Louisiana Room. In reality, it’s the dining/computer room.) What will probably happen is that I’ll pick up a few little cans of paint and dab them in different places in the room. Then I’ll get bored and go back to knitting. My husband will come home and see my attempts and roll his eyes. Yeah, yeah, ask Jillian if the refrigerator has been moved out of my fiber room yet.

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