Step Over to the Dark Side…

Sandy is knitting. She’s my office mate and last summer we went over to the local yarn shop because she wanted to learn to knit. We sat at Cafe Zola for a couple of hours and I taught her the basic knit stitch. Then the yarn and needle got dumped into the shopping bag never to be looked at again. So, her son is a year older (and fortunately not too much taller) and she wants to knit again. The poor, ripped shopping bag has been hanging on the coat rack since we moved into this new office (last November). I got her started again knitting, but she wants something new…hello purl stitch. I love her next question,

“Really? There are only 2 stitches in knitting?”


“Really? Really?

It’s a little painful watching her struggle so much, but she keeps going. I have to admire that. Today she asked “Do people knit baby blankets?” I think we’ve got another convert.

Okay, in my zeal to organize my house, I have to come to terms with a couple of things…

1. I don’t like to finish things once I’m bored with the project

2. I have way too many things started and sitting around incomplete

3. I’m going to have to bite the needle and make a list of all these things I have lying around (“Be honest please, this is for posterity”)

4. I’m going to have to decide which things will ultimately get finished and which things will be given away/thrown away/ripped out and re-added to the stash

And with the startitis overcoming me, I started a shawl for my daughter. She’s a purple/pink girly girl. I had 5 skeins of Noro Kureyon in the stash with her name on them and she’s been begging me for a shawl for a very long time. So I started the Nancy Bush Tasha Tudor Shawl. Since I want her to wear it for a while and it didn’t look big enough with only 4 skeins, I kept knitting until I’d used up all 5 skeins. Now I have to come up with something for the border. I don’t think the Kureyon will work because of the distances between color changes, so I need something else. Of course, everything in the stash that was the right color was either too chunky or too fine (honest!). Jillian said, “Just go buy more yarn!” Gotta love an enabling friend.

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