Reduce, reuse, recycle

I took my reknit Koigu sock with me to lunch with Jillian yesterday and asked what she thought. I had been looking at it and thinking about it and what it reminded me of was a sock for a golden lotus. A little long, I’ll grant you, but that’s what it reminds me of because of the very high instep. I just finished reading this book (which is a beautiful book if you’re at all interested, you can get it from the Textile Museum) so I have those tiny, broken feet on my mind. The upshot is, I’ll be ripping out the finished sock and reknitting to a better size. I know I’ll like the socks more if they fit my feet better, but I need to get over the “wasted time” feeling – it’s not wasted time if I learned something, right?

Big hugs go out to Amy who designed the Crochet Ho button now featured on the blog. It only took me a day and a half, but I figured out how to get the button into my template. As much as my son tells me I’m a techno-geek, I really feel inept sometimes.

I also want to thank Debala for reminding me of how many Yiddish words I use in a day. I came from a smallish sized town filled with Polish Catholics. I was odd kid out (being an Episcopalian) and used to be envious of the kids to went to catechism every day. When I went away to college, I was blown away by the diversity – so many different people, beliefs, and ways of doing things. I dated a Jewish boy that first year and picked up a few words (shiksa was the main one). When I was introduced to his grandmother, she grabbed my hand and looked deeply into my eyes, “Carla is not a Jewish name, is it??”

The summer after my freshman year, I went to Mackinac Island to work at a resort. My roommate, Marcie, was Jewish and she taught me lots more words. Many of which are on Deb’s blog. Schmutz has always been my favorite (did I spell it right Deb?). Even my kids use that one. Anyway, it’s been fun learning new words every day – some familiar and some not. Deb, you need to have sound on your blog – I hate to mispronounce these words!

One last thing. Get yourselves over to Dance as Ever. It’s Leigh Witchel’s annual fund drive for his dance company. It’s a lot of fun to see what knitters donate to the cause. Last year, I won a pair of leg warmers knit by Sally Melville. Sassy’s a little too short for them yet, but eventually, she’ll be wearing them in ballet class.

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