Praying at the Altar of the Yarn Goddess

My friend Jillian met me for lunch today. Today was the start of the sale at Knit Around, so we walzed over there after gorging on Chunky Cherry Chicken Salad. She caught me fishing in the sale bins for this…

It’s more blue than shows up in the photo. J reminded me that I have Sweater Wizard and that it would be “so easy to whip up an office cardigan.” Guess who’s going home tonight to swatch? I haven’t forgotten though – Kimono will be done by Monday evening!!

Here’s a snapshot of Sassy’s shawl.

She tried it on this morning before I stuffed it in the basket and pronounced it “warm and comfy. I can’t wait till it’s done.” She looked mighty cute in it too. I picked up another skein of Manos, so that will be finished by Monday too.

One last thought, Prednisone and caffeine are really a bad mix. Maybe I shouldn’t have picked up that Vanilla Latte on the way back to my office…

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