Tour de France

Because I know you’re interested…

17 H 24 – The New Overall Places:

The top five riders in the overall classification after the 12th stage are:

1. Lance Armstrong (USP)

2. Jan Ullrich (TBI) at 34″

3. Alexandre Vinokourov (TEL) at 51″

4. Tyler Hamilton (CSC) at 2’59”

5. Haimar Zubeldia (EUS) at 4’29”

While I’m proud of my boy, I must also take my bike helmet off to Tyler Hamilton. He fell in stage 1 in a HUGE pile-up inside the 1 km mark, breaking his right collarbone. It is unbelievable that the man has been in his saddle everyday since then – and is #4 in the overall standings! Cyclists are amazing.

The sad news for me this week is that I haven’t been able to park myself in front of the TV and watch much coverage. Which also means I haven’t been able to knit or spin at all! In between the riding lessons and dinner with visiting professors – I’ve been cavorting across the countryside. The good news is that my mother will be taking my children to her house on Saturday for a whole week. Woohoo!!! What will I do with all my time?!?

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