The joys of having 2 offices

While not as chi chi as it sounds, I do technically have 2 offices. There’s one here, with my name on the window (along with someone else’s – we share). And there’s one at the hospital, which really isn’t my office, it’s more of a gathering place when we all have to be in one big spot. What’s joyful about this arrangement? Well the hospital office is close to the yarn shop. On Tuesdays, I need to be at the hospital for meetings, but I get to leave around lunch time. I sometimes swing by Knit Around if I “need’ something. I just got an invitation to another baby shower, so I have to have new yarn – right? Here’s what I bought: Vogue Knitting Caps and Hats Two (I’m making this hat)

with this yarn:

I’ve also fallen in love with Bryspun needles. They are the bomb. The woman at the yarn shop tried to talk me into Brittany, but I said, “I already have those, I want the Bryspun.” She sold me these:

I then wallowed in the sale bins and came up with these:

The darker one looks like the dog’s breakfast because it had melted in the bin, so I had to re-wind. I already have 2 skeins of the orange (bought when Jillian and I slutted around Grand Rapids). Now I’m thinking I can have a couple pairs of these socks – mix and match!

One last thing (this is for you June). Who recently said, “We’re poking a lot of bushes looking for skunks”?

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