I’m running out of adjectives

Of course I’ll start with the Tour! Yesterday was a rest day, so nothing much fun on TV last night. Anyway, Tyler Hamilton (the rider who crashed in Stage 1 and got up with a broken collarbone – yet continued to ride) won Stage 16 today. I was a little cynical at first, “Sure he’s going to continue to ride. The IMax people are following him around with a big movie deal. Who’d quit with all of that?” Then I was kind of impressed that he kept going, now I’m just flat out stunned.

Two days ago, when Armstrong fell, Hamilton rode up to the front of the group and told everyone to pull up and wait for Lance to get back on his bike. You could see him punching his finger at all of them – and they waited. When asked about it later, he said something like “It’s an unspoken rule that you don’t attack the yellow jersey when it’s down. It was the right thing to do.” I’m going to have to agree with all the commentary that I’ve read, watch out for Tyler Hamilton in the future – he’s one amazing cyclist!

I’m enjoying my amazing color changing Regia socks. I turned the heel last night and it’s one of those “just a little more, I want to see how the colors turn out.” I’m hoping to finish soon, as I have to get started on the baby hat. The shower’s is August 1 and I’d like to make one of these showers with the actual gift in my hand.

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