A new week! I’m actually happy to be back at work, besides it’s a short week anyway. My Navajo Weaving workshop starts on Friday. I don’t really know what to expect, but it should be a good time. Anytime I can hang out with fiber people for 3 days straight is a good time.

I also received my SOAR packet. I got into my first choice for workshops (Spinning 201)!!! Jillian told me it wouldn’t be a problem, but I have to worry about something. I now have a whole week of fiber activity planned and it’s far enough in advance that I get to look forward to it for a while. (For some reason, that’s the best part for me – looking forward to an event.)

Got some knitting done this weekend. My daughter decided that she wanted me to knit a pair of socks for her teacher. She’s in a charter school and has had the same teacher for the last 2 years. As I’ll use any event as an excuse to go to the yarn shop – I tripped over to Knit Around and bought a skein of (what else) Mountain Colors in Bitterroot Rainbow. So, Laureen has a new pair of socks today. I also finished Martin’s other sock on Saturday. Two pairs of socks finished!

It’s time to stop building bookcases and finish the sweaters that have been languishing. Kimono and Applegate shirt – I want to wear them!

Is it ever going to get warm here? It’s been gray, cold, and rainy for a while now. One of the things I hate about Michigan winters is the low cloud ceiling and the fact that it’s gray from October to March. Well, the gray hasn’t gone away yet and it’s June. Normally, I would be happy and knit away on my couch on a rainy day, but I have to brave the weather and go to work. I want to ride my bike! I want to spin on my deck! I want my husband to leave and go fishing! When, oh when, will the sun shine?!?

On the knitting front, I felt well enough to knit last night. Pair #4 of the Mountain Colors socks is 1/2 finished. I was at my aunt’s surprise 60th birthday party on Saturday and impressed everyone with my sock knitting. How do you explain to people that it’s just what you do? Knitting isn’t something I think a lot about doing (when I’m doing it) – I just do it. Does that make sense? I’m always surprised when people ask what I’m doing and are very impressed with it. It actually embarrasses me when they ask if I knit the sweater I’m wearing and when I tell them yes, they make a big deal of it. Then I spend the next few minutes telling them ‘it’s no big deal – anyone can knit….’ Somebody want to give me a pop-psychology reason why I down play my knitting (and hey, my job too)?

The Garden Party Hats are fini. I wanted to give them to the mom-to-be on Tuesday, but didn’t make it into work. So, they’ll be on her desk next Tuesday. They’re pretty cute, if I can say that myself.

Now, I must force myself to finish the kimono. It’s been languishing in pieces. There’s 1/2 a sleeve left to do and then the seaming. I’ll be at my sister’s garage sale this weekend – it might be a good time to get it done. Is that a stated goal?

I’m sick!! Okay, so I’m (almost) over being sick. I swear my kids are carriers for every germ that comes down the pike. I have spent the last 2 days shuttling between the couch and my bed. In case you weren’t aware, daytime TV sucks!!

As a result of being sick, I missed Common Threads at the local Borders. I missed seeing Jillian and meeting Lynne (of Colorjoy! fame). I suppose there’s always next time, but really.

So here I am at work and this is where I’d rather be…

(that’s Woven Arts in East Lansing). It’s the perfect rainy day to sit and knit with a good cup of coffee.