A very public THANK YOU goes out to Jillian today. I had a great time at my Navajo Weaving Workshop this weekend. I thought that 3 days wasn’t long enough for a workshop. Believe me after 3 – 8 hour days, I was ready to go home. I did learn some pretty cool stuff and I loved the woman who taught the workshop. I’ll have pictures up tomorrow. Do check out Marilou’s website, she’s done some amazing work! (I just added her to the side there under “Cool Things to See.”)

Here’s the problem (well, it’s really more of a dilemma) I now have exceeded the acceptable hobby level. I knit, spin, weave (floor loom), scrapbook and now have a cool new Navajo loom. All this in addition to a full-time job. How can I work all this stuff in? It’s all important – how do I choose?

I also found the picture of the loaded up van Jillian and I saw at the Estes Park Wool Festival back in 1996. However, Blogger is doing weird things right now and I can’t upload the file. Look for it later.

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