So I realized that I didn’t take many pictures on Saturday – I was too busy weaving. Here’s one…

This is Marilou creating the pull shed on her piece. I learned that even though things don’t have to be perfect, it’s important to pay attention so that things are at least equal. The loops she’s pulling through the warp should be all the same length (so when you pull open the warp, it’s even and you’re not pulling harder on one side than the other). When I started to weave, it was really apparent that my left sided loops were longer than my right sided loops. It just made it a little harder to pull open the shed.

This is Marilou’s sampler rug. Basically, you can make stripes, vertical lines, and diagonals with Navajo weaving. This piece shows how you can then combine these techniques to create some really cool looking art. After I looked at this piece, I decided that my first piece could be a sampler too. That way I don’t have to worry about making it all the same (mirror image) on both ends. It was freeing.

This is my rug after all day on Sunday. There are things I would have done differently, but right now, it’s a lot of fun and I had a blast with the women in the workshop. Betty (proprietor of The Spinning Loft) is planning on having Marilou come back every year to give us refresher courses. I’m really looking forward to next year!

I bought myself a Navajo spindle in Seattle while there on a business trip (several years ago). I’d never seen anyone use it – I taught myself out of a book (Navajo Weaving Way). Marilou graciously demonstrated the technique for me. It’s unbelievable how fast she can spin the thing!

I am so grateful that Jillian pushed me to sign up for this course. Can I get a witness?!? AMEN SISTER! Big smooches out to Jillian once again!

Saw this on another blog (Anna Knits – and had to give it a try

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