Whew…what a week I’ve had. My boss has been on call for the last 2 weeks and that means that he’s been at the hospital and I’ve been free to direct my own time at our other office. This week, he’s back in my office and making lots of demands. I love working with him, but it’s difficult to drop something immediately to take care of him. Oh well, I just got finished telling my husband that I never think of leaving this job, because I know I’ll never have a better boss. How’s that for golden handcuffs?!

I took the day off today and sat with my spinning wheel. I haven’t spun anything in quite some time, but I’ve been fondling the 1/2 pound of shetland roving I bought from Betty at The Spinning Loft. Today was the day. My wheel came out and got all oiled up and running beautifully. The roving spun like a dream. It’s a lovely gray/natural shade. Jillian and I already have a date with the dye pots sometime later this summer. (She bought 1/2 pound too.) I can’t decide whether I want to dye and then ply for a “barberpole” effect or ply first and go all out. I have some cochineal that I’ve been dying to play with. I’m pretty sure I’ll be calling Betty soon for more of this lovely fiber.

Yesterday the aran bug bit hard. Jillian and I had a fiber lunch not long ago where we spread out her color cards and aran pattern books and went to town. I think I wrote down 17 different colors that I HAD to have. I decided to order a couple of skeins and try out some patterns before jumping in whole hog. I called Woodland Woolworks (their website is awful, but the woman on the phone was fabulous) to get some Jamieson’s aran weight to get started. I think I ended up with 4 skeins in different colors and the color card for the whole line. I can’t wait to get started!!

It must be time to go through the yarn stash and be ruthless in paring down. I have a need to lighten up my load of stuff. I’m resisting the urge to compile a list of UFOs – I don’t really want to know that I have more than 20 things started (do beaded bags count?).

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