Boy did I get lucky the other day. After I posted about those Mountain Colors socks and the requests from the fellows I work with, I went over to the local yarn shop (Knit a Round) just to see what was what. After I had chosen my skeins (and of course performed the obligatory walk about) I plopped my yarn on the counter to pay. The cashier handed me a box with those plastic needle holders (that always look like sticky candy to me) and told me to chose one. “What the heck,” I figured, “I’ll never use it, but who am I to turn down a freebie?” The cashier then informs me that I get 20% off my purchase for picking “the good one.” Woohoo! Then she gives me a pattern book too – “This is all for our 3rd anniversary sale.” I love local yarn shops!

Things are shaping up for a whole fibery weekend! My husband won a weekend stay at a hotel on the other side of the state and decided he just didn’t have time to go over there. He said (I’m not kidding) “Are there any fibery places over on the west side of the state you’ve been dying to visit?” I called my friend Jillian faster than fast and asked, “Are you available and how many shops can we hit between here and Grand Rapids?” She’s already got 7 on the itinerary and has informed me that “we have to buy something from each place!” What fun – and what a good husband/enabler.

The Mountain Colors socks are finished. I must say they are beautiful, but only because of the yarn used. I love to make plain vanilla socks, but use a terrific yarn to make them gorgeous. Here they are:

I started them on Saturday and only had the toe decreases to finish up last night. Quick socks on US #7. What fun. So now, of course, everyone in my office wants a pair. I have to see if I’m magnanimous enough to knit for them; I know at least a couple of them deserve something nice. Whoever gets them must commit to taking care of them as well – most important!

I finished the Oat Couture Applegate Shirt! I put it off and put if off all weekend, but finally picked it up at about 9:00 pm last night. The seams are wonderful (if I can say that myself). I was very careful and took it slowly. Then I figured I should just go ahead and attach the buttons before wetting and blocking.

So I merrily sew on the buttons (using some embroidery floss that matches the color of the yarn). Then I go to button up the band and realize that the buttonhole band is about an inch longer than the button band! How did I manage this? I was so careful when knitting it and then attaching it. I rinsed the whole thing out and it really is beautiful – except for this very major flaw. I’m going to have to rip out the neckline and reknit the buttonhole band. Any suggestions for getting it right the second time?

I spent most of the weekend on a pair of socks I promised at the annual Christmas party. We all brought a gift and had an exchange at our party and the radiologist’s husband won the pair of socks. I love to give a “kit” with the skein of yarn and a big piece of paper for the recipient to trace his/her foot and give the whole lot back to me to knit. I bought a skein of Mountain Colors just because it was beautiful and this seemed like a good place for it.

So, she finally got the skein of yarn to me a month or so ago and it was time to get a pair of socks back to her. This yarn is wonderful. It’s soft and so pretty. I knit like a fiend and have 1 and 1/2 socks done. I should be able to finish the pair tonight and bring them to her tomorrow. I love knitting socks – it’s nice to finish something so quickly and it kind of takes the sting out of the buttonband.

Okay, so when I announced to my friend Jillian (the Knitting Frau) that I, too, had a blog, she said the following, “Be careful, it’s addictive.” I thought that was vaguely ominous sounding, but shrugged it off. I thought, “Well, of course it’s addictive. Writing something and holding the thought in your head that everyone you know and lots of people you don’t know could be reading your words. That’s pretty powerful.” Now I understand…

It’s not my own blog that’s addictive – it’s everyone else’s! I used to have a few blogs that I would check every day (okay 2 – that’s it – 2). It started out innocently, I clicked on links on those two pages. I figured that since I liked the original blog, I might like something that person likes too. So now I’m up to 15 daily reads – thank the godesses that not all of them post everyday! I start reading and linking and I’ve lost an hour.

I’m constantly amazed at the fabulous things people share about their lives. On the other hand, I’m also freaked out about the things people share about their lives. Case in point, my office mate and I have one website that we were checking every day – a woman having her first baby. She was posting a picture of herself in a leotard every week so we could see how much her belly was growing and informing us of the happenings at her midwife visits. We howled at each new entry. So now the baby’s been born and there are (swear to goddess) 21 pictures of the kid on his first day in the world! I can’t wait until she gets over the “joy of giving birth” and settles into the “joy of hemorrhoids and sleepless nights.” I know, my bitchiness is showing.

So, Jillian, you were right. I didn’t listen and now I’m addicted, but I am having a lot of fun!