The reports of my being 1/2 done on my next pair of Mountain Color socks are greatly exaggerated. Here’s the sock

Unfortunately, it’s about an inch too short. Oh well, who said “You can’t be a knitter if you can’t be a ripper?” The sock came to work with me today to torture a fellow who may or may not be getting a pair of socks. At our annual Christmas party, the gift exchange was set up so that if you liked a gift that someone else got before you, you could just take it. This fellow took my beautiful silver reindeer (at the request of his wife, who said, “I want that.”). It’s the first time I’ve engaged in revenge knitting – I kind of like it.

And just because we got a new scanner at work yesterday. Here’s the first scan I did. This is my daughter’s hand about 2 years ago. She recently came to work with me and said, “Mama, who gave you that handprint?” When I reminded her it was her hand, she slapped her forehead and said, “I’m so silly!” Cracked me up.

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