Our fibery lunch was fabulous. We got slightly lost, but made up for it (I love cell phones). The shop is smaller than I remember it, but well stocked with lots of yarn. The one problem I had was that there seemed to be no organization – or at least I couldn’t figure it out. They did have the Debby Ware kits that I wrote of last week. I didn’t buy one, but bought some Brown Sheep yarn (in pink and cream) to make Bev Galaskas’ Garden Party Hat (because I already had the pattern). I figure that I can make 2 coordinating hats and big and little sisters can wear.

I abandoned Paul’s sock this weekend in favor of the little hats. Big sister’s hat is almost complete – just have to do the fiddly bits (complete and attach a knitted flower).

Don’t fret Paul, I did take your second sock to my daughter’s dance recital yesterday. [As an aside, I love watching my kid dance, but loath having to sit through another hour and 15 minutes of watching everyone else’s kids dance.] I had to stop knitting before the recital was done as I looked down at the foot and realized that I overshot the spot for toe decreases by about 2 inches! Oh well, I’d rather ravel a little than be a few rows short. Paul should have his socks in a day or 2.

Count down is 4 days for the fibery weekend…

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