Okay, Jillian has shamed me into upping my list of works in progress to take with me. I have at least 3 projects currently on the needles. They are:

Kandinski Kimono

Mountain Colors Vest (okay, not still on the needles, but languishing for want of finishing)

Garden Party Hat

I will bring all of these (as well as 2 pairs of Mountain Colors socks) and attempt to finish the majority of them. Technically, I have finished the vest (once), but wasn’t happy with the crochet edging. I’ll attempt it again this weekend. It’s a good thing the weather plans on being yucky – we’ll be warm and cozy in our yarn delirium.

I must also say that orthopods are sadists. Now, I’m making a generalization here, but I’ve known a few and all the ones I know are sadists. I had my 4 month follow up with the guy who repaired my rotator cuff tear. Last month, he threatened me with “manipulation under anesthesia.” I was terrified and worked very hard to get as much range of motion as I could before I had to go back. [I’ll admit to making rowing motions in the car on the way to the appointment and stretches in the office waiting for him to show up.]

He took me through my paces and seemed surprised at my progress. I told him that he made me work very hard. That made him smile and he said, “Well, it paid off. You’re making excellent progress.”

So, I’m cleared (and encouraged) for all activities. I’m actually considering doing the Danskin Triathlon again this year. Is 7 weeks enough time to prepare? I’ve done nothing since early February (even walking made my shoulder hurt!).

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