Whew! I think I’m finally back to normal after traveling to Washington, DC. I love going there – it’s such a cool city, but traveling for work isn’t the most fun thing in the world. Imagine having to spend every waking hour with the same 3 people – now imagine one of them is your boss. Not that he’s a bad guy to spend time with, it’s just that being on my best behavior (read: being pleasant) isn’t a strong suit. The flip side is that the man knows DC, so he knows the best places to stay and more importantly, the best places to eat.

Since I couldn’t very well take the Kimono and its 27 colors with me, I swatched the Applegate Shirt and took that instead. It truly is mindless knitting, but it looks very nice and I love the drape of the fabric. It will be a nice summer shirt/sweater – one more thing to do before the weather turns nice.

Husband and son will be traveling to a fishing tournament this weekend. So the princess and I will have to do girlie things to keep ourselves occupied. I’m pretty sure this involves having my toenails painted some wild color (or several wild colors). She knits (a little), so she understands being quiet when I count – such an important life skill!

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