As painful as insomnia is – I can actually get things done in the wee hours of the morning without the phone ringing and the other inhabitants of my house wanting something.

I realized last night that I needed buttons for this sweater (don’t ask me why I didn’t think of this before). Luckily, I have a button stash (smallish, but cool). I found the perfect round, silver buttons. They have a swan curled up in them – I’ll take a close up picture of them this weekend.

So, I finished the button bands and the neck on the very early this morning. Of course I slipped the vest-like thing over my head to see where it would fall. It looks like it’s long enough, but I’m not so sure about circumference. It’s hard to tell without the seams being done. I’m sure I can get a little more room when I block it, so it will hang right.

This weekend’s task: finish the other sleeve, put the sleeves in, and seam up the sides! I’m nabbing the digital camera from the office, so I’ll even have pictures. I’ll make sure and take some of the Kimono too – just to prove it exists.

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