Had lunch with my fiber friend Jillian today. I brought the back of my Kandinski Kimono for show and tell. I wanted some confirmation about the woven in ends. They do show, but Jillian (bless her knitter’s heart) told me that when I was wearing it and moving around – no one would notice!! That was secretly my feeling, but it’s nice to hear someone else saying it too.

Then we spent some time discussing the workshops and retreats at SOAR this fall. I’m thrilled that it’s in Michigan this year. I’ve always wanted to go, but the cost of traveling some where else always put me off. I plan on spending the whole week and spinning so much I get dizzy.

Goal for the weekend…finish the left front of the Kimono and 1/2 the right front. I want to wear this thing on a cool evening this summer.

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